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This soothing rose water sheen spray is infused with essential oils such as rosemary, lavender, and chamomile while providing a natural refreshing sheen that moisturizes and sooths itchy scalps at the root of braids, locs, wigs, weaves, low cuts, and other styles and types of hair.

First off, we cultivate (yes, we often grown our own as well) and choose fragrant organic roses and distill the roses in boiling water. Witch hazel is then added to help preserve and stabilize the spray while various essential oils are added to our braid and loc sheen to provide optimal benefits for your hair and skin. Not only does our spray provide a soothing fragrant relief but there are also several other benefits that come with using it on your hair. Believe it or not, our hair and scalp loves to be wet and rose water in particular helps repair your hair’s porosity. It has been suggested that it helps to restore and stabilize your hair’s pH balance although it is known to be a mild astringent which helps to reduce the hair’s oiliness. Due to its natural properties, it can even help to reduce dandruff and infection because it acts as an anti-inflammatory.

For these reasons it has also been said that it is even good for conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Even the scent of rose water can be soothing and calming and has been said to help reduce headaches and irritability.

Several sources even suggest that women that prefer to wear their natural locs will swear by rose water, advising it helps to add shine and reduce frizz. That is not to say it is only for use by women. Men and their mane and beards can also benefit from using the loc and braid sheen. Again, considering the anti-inflammatory properties and benefits to one's skin, one may consider using the spray to help develop and nurture a thick healthy beard. Millenheirs’ loc and braid sheen also steeps herbs such as Gotu kola in our formula, an herb thought to increase hair length and stimulate hair growth, possibly by increasing blood circulation to the scalp. Other herbs such as rosemary (also added in essential oil form) also help to increase shine and relieve dry irritated scalp. In fact, the entire proprietary blend of herbs and oils used have all been selectively chosen with growth, thriving, and healthy conditioning of your hair and skin in mind. Try adding our loc and braid sheen to your routine for added overall advantages to your hair and skin routine!

Loc & Braid Sheen

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