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"Original" Limited Edition with Jasmine body oil for men or women to address the hardest of callouses and those areas prone to dryness. It truly puts in the work to drill into those cracks and crevasses and alleviate rough edges. Made with a delicate blend of the butter trifecta (Mango, Shea, & Cocoa) as well as a blend of essential oils and other natural ingredients it is the perfect combination to relieve ashy knuckles, knees, feet and any other areas in between. Great for eczema and other dry skin conditions!


(Product contains Coconut oil & butters that may solidify in cooler temperatures. Keep stored above 75 degrees. If solidifying does occur you may place in sunlight to melt, near a heat source such as a heater or near a stove, or remove cap and microwave for short spurts of 7-12 seconds at a time. Never place directly  near or on fire or stove.)

Elbow Grease Body Oil

  • No returns or exchanges. Will replaced product damaged in transit.

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