Rosewood is used to calm nervousness and anxiety and also to soothe headaches. It is aligned with the Heart Chakra and to awaken intuitive gifts.


Sandalwood Beads around your wrist to draw in positive changes into your life and help to balance your energy vortexes, also known as chakras. Chakras are known to impact the many facets of feelings and emotions that drive an individual’s daily life. Inhale the subtle sweet woodsy scent of sandalwood of the bracelet and allow it to help relax the mind by doing simple meditative expressions.


Use Black Onyx to encourage happiness and good fortune. Black Onyx is a strength-giving stone and can provide support for self-discipline issues. Because it helps to hold physical memories, Black Onyx can be useful in healing old wounds or past life issues.

6mm Unisex Bracelet: Black Onyx, Rosewood, Green Sandalwood