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Chakra: Root

Coffee Bean Jasper with Tibetan Silver
Coffee Bean Jasper is a stone that is said to cherish and nurture the well-being of its carrier in all ways. It is additionally whispered to be a sacred stone, as it protects its carrier from the negativities of the earth, humankind. Ancient Egyptians whispered it to be an arrowhead of love as well as protection. The cocoa brown color of this stone makes it highly grounding in eminence. It is further branded to link its carrier to the earthly planet in which he resides. For its dark, earthy or chocolaty colors it is believed that it is effective to amend the environmental stress along with the toxins of the emotional consistency. It is moreover presumed to take out negative thoughts from the surrounding aura to compensate it for cheerful living. It evokes the notion of security when it’s grounding eminence cure the negative toxicity present within the surrounding aura as well as the glory that lies inside.

10mm Coffee Bean Jasper with Tibetan Silver

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